Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise in Agricultural Mechanization Hire Service Enterprises in Developing Economies


  • Martin Hilmi Governance Consultant, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, Rome, Italy


Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Enterprise, Agricultural mechanization, Agricultural mechanization hire service enterprise, Mechanization


The main aim of the research was to attempt to asses, appraise and diagnose entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship typologies in agricultural mechanization hire service enterprises (AMHSEs) in developing economies. The research identified 24 characteristics of AMHSE entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, and these provided that AMHSEs commonly have a ‘mix’ of typologies of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. The research also found that there is a general tendency that according to enterprise size, the AMHSE will provide, for example, defined typologies of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship along a continuum. However, enterprise-size is not the only ‘indicator’ of typology of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship of AMHSEs as also context, such as, for example, national and
local economy, social norms, culture, and location (rural, peri-urban, urban). Overall, though, there was a distinct lack of documented evidence, literature and sources of secondary data and information, on AMHSE entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship and their typologies. This thus limiting research findings being inferred to a wider universe and also calling for further research to be conducted on the subject matter.