Implementation and Dissemination of Agripreneurship among Youth of Sudan


  • Ahmed M. Abdel Rahman Bereir Department of Agricultural Extension and Training, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Gezira, Wad Medani, Sudan.


Youth, Agricultural entrepreneurship, Sudan, implementation, Dissemination


Youth unemployment is a global issue, particularly in Africa. The majority of African countries have made progress in youth policies. These policies were used to increase employment opportunities for youth. The agriculture sector has the potential opportunity to provide gainful employment opportunities for many young people. Sub-Saharan Africa reflects high entrepreneurial activity rates. In the 2000s, several governments in Sub-Saharan African countries set up special funds to support youth enterprises. This was a direct response to high youth unemployment rates. Sudan was one of the first African countries to have the African Development Bank's approval to implement the Youth Empowerment Programme in the agricultural entrepreneurship sector since 2016. The present study investigates the impact of agripreneurship implementation and dissemination among Sudanese youth. The study was based on secondary data, the results, and discussion were based on qualitative data putting the primary focus on Sudan. The results showed an increase in income of graduates, some of the graduates developed ideas for pioneering projects, the programme provides a number of regular jobs and seasonal jobs for unskilled labour, and graduation of graduates from the cycle of unemployment and disposal of
psychological and social effects. Also, the programme faced many obstacles. From this study, we can conclude that the majority of projects implemented by Sudanese youth in various States of the country increased graduates' income and inspired them to engage in agribusiness work. Thus, the study recommends that the graduate’s employment programme.