Evaluation of Some Sunflower Genotypes under Three Levels of Drip Irrigation System in Sandy Calcareous Soil


  • 1Heba M. Noaman Oil Crops Res. Dept., Field Crops Res., Inst., Agric. Res. Cent., Giza, Egypt.
  • Asmaa A. Ahmed Oil Crops Res. Dept., Field Crops Res., Inst., Agric. Res. Cent., Giza, Egypt.
  • Abd ElGalil M.A.S. Central Laboratory of Organic Agriculture, Agriculture Research Center, 9 Gamaa Street, 12619, Egypt.
  • Hefzy M. Water Req. and Field Irrig. R.D., Soils, Water and Environment Res. Inst., 9 El - Gammah St. El - Giza Institution, ARC, 12112, Egypt. Giza, Egypt.


Drip irrigation, Seed yield, Irrigation water use efficiency, Sunflower Genotypes


The field experiment was conducted at Arab El-Awamer Research Station, Assuit Governorate, Agricultural Research Center, during two successive seasons of 2018 and 2019 to evaluate the response of three sunflower genotypes to three drip irrigation regimes. Afield experiment were organized using the split plot design in randomized complete block design with three replicates arrangementby adding drip irrigation regimes (100% ETc, 80% ETc and 60% ETc) in the main plots and sunflower genotype (Giza 120, Giza 102 and Sakha 53) in sub plots. The results showed that Giza 120 recorded the highest stem diameter (2.39, 2.51 cm), 100-seed weight (7.48, 6.89 g) seed yield/plant (47.50, 46.73 g), seed yield/fed (916.67, 830.00 kg/fed) and seed oil percentage (40.374, 39.517 %), while it was latest at 50% flowering (51.55 and 52.1 days) at first and second season respectively, followed by Sakha 53 in both seasons. From different drip irrigation regimes 100% ETc was superior all other treatments in this respect and registered the highest mean values of all studied yield attributes, seed yield/fed (1097.8 and 1045.6 kg/fed) and oil yield/fed (453.96 and 436.3 kg/fed) in both seasons, while it cause latest on 50% flowering. The interaction between genotype and irrigation regimes significantly effected on sunflower yield attributes. The highest mean values of seed yield/fed (1200.0 and 1130.0 kg/fed.) and oil yield/fed (503.49 and 489.85 kg/fed.) was recorded from applied 100%Etc to Giza 120 at both growing season respectively. Irrigation water use efficiency (IWUE) as affected by irrigation levels and sunflower genotypes for sunflower genotypes, data showed that there was significant difference between the three studied genotype. Giza 120 was significantly superior in IWUE in both seasons.The interaction between water regimes and genotype was significantly affected on IWUE, the highest amount was recorded by applied 100% ETc to Giza 120 genotype.