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Publication Ethics

Manuscripts submitted to our Journals must be original and author’s own work. If the work in whole or part is not original or if any part in it contains any referencing material without attributing original authors, will be treated as “plagiarized”. It will immediately be cancelled and author will be black listed. The manuscript should not be published previously or submitted to another journal at the same time. Also any kind of data fabrication and falsification should be avoided. All the authors must have fair contribution to the research conducted and submitted to us.

Peer Review

All papers submitted to us to be considered for publication in our journals, They are blind peer reviewed according to the high standards increasing the efficiency of the process. Each submitted manuscript is reviewed by at least two suitably qualified reviewers. Editor in Chief has the power of decision of acceptance or rejection based on the review’s. This decision is made easy for Editor in Chief by the feed backs and reports. Editors make sure that the submissions are well conducted research papers with appropriate conclusion and supporting data. Additional reviews are also conducted if needed.

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