Role of Ginkgo biloba in Some Biological Functions of Female College Students


  • Ryeaan Abd El Moneim Sayed Abd El Rahem House Hold Economy Dept., Fac. of Specific Education, Port Said Univ., Egypt


Ginkgo biloba, biological functions, female students, immunity, health, blood flow to organs


This study was aimed at describing the role of Ginkgo biloba in some biological functions of female college students. Material and methods: Forty female college students participated to the study. G (1) control (n=20) received placebo, G (2) experimental received 300 mg/once daily for 8 weeks of Ginkgo biloba: 10ml of Venous blood was drawn into test tubes for examination of clotting tests, glutamine bendorphin, IGF, and NO together with T. leukocytes, Lymphocyte, Neutrophils. Results: revealed a significant changes in biological functions post Ginkgo biloba administration compared to control. Conclusion: Ginkgo biloba showed encouraging improvement in clotting tests, also higher flow of blood to the important organs specially brain, with better mood and brain functions, and promote immune health.